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Regarding Methods Of Voting For Australian Senators

This web page is to publish the Letter To The Editor of the Armadale Examiner, which letter was sent on 08 May 2016, and, unpublished by that publication, Regarding Methods Of Voting For Australian Senators.

Letter To The Editor of the Armadale Examiner on 08 May 2016
Regarding Changes To Voting In Senate Elections

The full text of the Letter to the Editor, is below.


I refer to the Letter To the Editor from C Hillan of Seville Grove, published in the Armadale Examiner dated 28 April 2016.

That letter is incorrect in the assertion "It is now a two horse race".

For the first time, we are now not forced to vote for candidates that we do not want, at least, in regard to senate elections, when a double dissolution election occurs.

In a double dissolution, a state, such as WA, has 12 vacancies, and, we can vote for only the twelve candidates that we want, to fill those vacancies.

We are no longer forced to vote, against our will, for the LNP/ALP candidates, that we were required to do, in order to cast a valid vote.

We can now vote the LNP/ALP candidates, out of the senate.

All that it requires, is for voters to, for the first time, properly use a senate ballot paper, by voting below the line, and, voting for 12 individuals, and, not voting for parties.

It is quite simple, really.
Just vote for the candidates - 12 of them, to fill twelve vacancies, by voting for 12 candidates, "below the line".

It could, if the voters decide to do the right thing, for once, completely change the makeup of the senate, and, if the voters so want, could eliminate the LNP/ALP from the senate.

It is now, for the first time for several decades, up to the voters to decide who gets elected to the senate.


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