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Referendum Questions That Should Be Put
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This web page is to publish a set of questions that should be put in referenda at state/territory, and national levels.

Referendum Questions That Should be Put

In Australia, at each level of state, territory and federal government, referenda should be held, to allow the voters to determine the following issues, which issues have not been determined by the voters.The word "jurisdiction", is used here, to refer, by context, to the state, territory, or the country as a whole, as applicable.

1. Should the jurisdiction be a republic, with a head of state, being of the jurisdiction, and representing the jurisdiction?

2. Should the head of state for the jurisdiction, be selected by the parliament or by the voters?

3. (in the case of the whole of the country) Should the country continue to be a member of the British Empire, or, should the country be an independent, self-governing country?

4. Should the constitution of the jurisdiction, provide for binding, citizen initiated referenda?

5. Should the constitution of the jurisdiction, provide for recall elections, for both individual members of the legislature (parliament), and, for the whole of the legislature (parliament)?

6. Should the selection of all of the members of the legislature (parliament), be decided by first past the post voting?

7. (where a jurisdiction has a bicameral (or, two houses of) parliament) Should the upper house of the parliament, be abolished?

8. Should the jurisdiction have a binding Declaration of Human Rights, to which, all legislation of the jurisdiction, is subject?

9. Should any proposed changes by the legislature (parliament), for which changes, a government seeks or claims a mandate, be subject to a binding referendum?

10. Should the sale of any public assets, worth more than a set amount (set by referendum), be subject to a binding referendum for each such proposed asset sale?

11. Should the remuneration of the members of the legislature (parliament), be determined by referenda?

12. Should all political donations of amounts greater than eight hours of the minimum adultwage, be required to be declared and the records of such political donations, be made freely available to the public, in an easy to understand, format?

13. Should the nomination deposit for candidacy in elections for the legislature (parliament), be set at the rate of twice the hourly rate of the minimum adult wage?

14. Should the citizenship requirements for eligibility for membership of the national legislature (parliament) be changed, so as to allow dual citizenship, so long as a member of the legislature does not apply for or seek citizenship of any other country, while in office?

15. Should the oath of office for members of the legislature (parliament), and for ministers of the government, be changed, to an affirmation to serve the jurisdiction and the member's constituency?

16. Should the oath of allegiance, be changed to an affirmation of allegiance to the country?

17. Should all tax rates and financial charges set or proposed by the legislature (parliament), be subject to determination by referenda?

18. Should the jurisdiction have a formal constitution that is approved by referendum, and that requires referendum approval, for any changes to the constitution?

19. (at the states and territories level) Should the local governments of the jurisdiction, be named and defined, in a Constitution of Local Governments for the jurisdiction, with the Constitution of Local Governments being determined by referendum, and requiring referendum approval for any proposed changes to the Constitution of Local Governments?

20. Should the jurisdiction (state/territory/country) have a new flag, with the design to be determined by the voters?

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This web page was last updated on 18 February 2016.